Flood Restoration

Auckland Flood Restoration Service

Looking for a reliable floor restoration contractor to clean your business or home in Auckland? Look no further as you’ve come to the right place. We flood restoration experts providing bespoke cleaning service for structures that have been affected by flood. Here’s what we can do:

  • Inspect for structure and electrical damage in your home to determine if it is safe for entry and living
  • Check for fire hazards, gas leaks, and do the necessary repairs if needed
  •  Watch for fire ants, snakes, and other animas that could have gotten in your home and make sure every corner of your home is safe and clean
  • Clean dirt, grimes, muds, and moulds

We use our extensive experience in restoration industry to deliver a high-quality and efficient work for every home. Don’t wait until the flood damage destroys your home completely. Contact our Auckland flood restoration team to help you out. Get a free estimate. 

Flooded Carpet Cleaning Experts in Auckland ​

After the flood waters have receded, it will leave some obvious damages in your home or building. Any part of your home that is submerged in water is likely to suffer large amount of damage that can lead to more problems when not treated such as mould growth, insect infestation, and deterioration of wooden materials and wall coverings. Don’t wait before it’s too late. Call our expert carpet cleaners and water removal services.

Water Damage Drying and Repairs ​

We help restore your home back to its original state.  We offer water damage drying and the repair of broken sinks, pipes, plumbing systems, and other channels in your home that have been soaked in the flood. We also dry up skirting board walls, submerged subfloors, and hard flooring. Overall, contact us if you need any of the following:

  • Assist in the recovery of your home or building after a severe flood
  • Provide efficient repair and restoration to affected areas in your home or building
  • Provide refurbishment and repair solution that supports long-term resilience of your infrastructure 

​Before we come, please avoid direct contact with floodwater as it can possibly be contaminated.  In any case, contact us directly or fill out the contact form to inquire about your situation. 

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